Granite Countertops


A perfect blend of polymeric technology combined with the beauty and durability of Natural Quartz. Our Quartz countertops are food safe, extremely durable, very easy to maintain.

Quartz is a great selection when it comes to countertops. Over the past few years, the quartz countertop options have become more diverse. You can now purchase quartz in many different colors and patterns. Due to this increase in diversity as well as the durability of this beautifully engineered stone, quartz countertops are on the rise in popularity.

Classic White

Calacatta Oro

Carrara Classic



Statuary Classique

White Lace


Calacatta Sponda


Spring valley


Summer rain


Alpine Spring


White Lace


Dove gray


Solarious Brown


Lalico white

CalacattaSuba-Quarz (1)

Calacatta Suba


Calacatta Black

We can get any granite or Quartz that you can find in the Charlotte area

Granite countertop facts and specifications:

All our granite is 3CM (1-1/4 inch) thick. Below are the facts and specifications of our granite:

Uniformity: the natural granite counter top surface patterns, at its normal and best condition, may consist of slight variation in color, shades, vanes, or to have tiny spots over a large surface. It's the nature of this products.

Seams: seams are necessary to join two sections of granite tops wherever there is an angular change on the countertop surface, or when the linear length / width of the countertop exceeds the maximum length / width of the slab material. Seams are made of epoxy bonding material. After it hardens, it will be visible and detectable.

Sealing: granite slabs were seals by the factory and will be sealed one more time upon installation to prevent liquid / oil / germs to seep into the tiny porous holes on the stone surface. Customer should apply sealer every six month to a year as the required maintenance. Sealer is normally available in most hardware stores.

Stone Care: Here are two steps you can do to keep your granite countertop in good shape:
1) clean granite countertop regularly using water or cleaner that contains no vinegar, ammonia, acid or bleach.
2) Apply sealer regularly as the necessary maintenance to keep the granite top in its best condition.
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Edging choices of granite countertop:

Panda offers different edging choices of non-prefabricated granite slabs to our customers.
These edges are: Flat edge, Bevel edge, Bullnose edge (half or full), or OG edge
(half or full). Below are their details:
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