Does Panda's installation included plumbing work?

A: No! Panda and its installers do not perform any work or take any job orders relating to the connection / disconnection / installation of any plumbing, electrical, gas, HVAC or appliance. Panda's cabinet or granite orders will never include any electrical / plumbing / gas related works. However, Panda installer will do demolition removal of the old cabinets or countertops if customer chose to add it into the order.

What's Panda's payment terms?

Due to custom design and fabrication nature of each installation order, all installation orders need to be prepaid as same as the pick up sales. For installation order, Panda offer two stage payment terms, i.e. to pay 50% at the order contract time, and to pay the remaining balance a week before installation date. Material and workmanship of all installation orders are warranted in writing on the installation order sales contract.

Does Panda provides financing?

Panda accepts VISA or Mastercard for all purchases before any financing program becomes available. Please ask Panda sales for current offers.

Does Panda's installation team do "removing old" services?

Yes. Panda not only installs cabinets and granite counter tops, but also will take demolition removal work. In general, the removal cost for cabinets starts $300; the removal of laminated formica type of countertop starts $150. Panda's removal charge includes disposing the old. Because Panda does not do any plumbing, electrical or gas connection / disconnection works, customer who has Panda's removal job on order needs to have all the plumbing / electrical / gas connections that may interfere the removal job disconnected before Panda's installation team arrives to begin the demolition removal on the installation date scheduled.

Can I use my existing sink?

In case you have a top mount sink on your existing counter top, if you plan to use the same sink on granite countertop in the same top mount style, that's perfectly fine. However, if you plan to use the existing top mount sink in an under-mount style on granite countertop, whether it is suitable to do that or not needs to be verified by Panda's measurement specialist when he visits you on location to perform the on-site measurement.

How can I get an estimate?

Panda offers free estimates based on dimensions and/or design layout sketch provided by customer. Our free estimate is for reference use only, unless it is for pick up sale when the material list / size is specified by customer. For installation type of order placement, Panda needs a valid estimate through on-site measurement. To schedule an on-site measurement, talk to sales or call Panda.

Is there any warranty for my order?

A: For any installation orders, Panda offers one year warranty for material and workmanship that is printed on the order form. Please see store for more warranty details.

What's the order's turn around time (lead time)?

Current installation lead time for cabinets or granite counter top installation order is about one to three weeks. Leah time varies by the complexity of the job order and by the current workload situation of the season. Every order will be scheduled based on first come first serve basis. Smaller than usual job can be scheduled in flexible way or be arranged in faster pace through management approval.

Any concerns about granite radon gas?

Once in a while, talks about radon gas emission from granite countertop may appear in media. Panda suggests customers who have any concerns about that topic to check into the NCDENR website - the North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources to find out all the official information provided: http://www.ncradon.org/Granite_Counter_Top_Information.html "At this time, however, we do not believe sufficient data exits to conclude that the types of granite commonly used in countertops are significantly increasing indoor radon levels."

Does granite counter top need special maintenance?

Granite surface is porous, its surface is seals with a chemical called "sealer" when Panda finishes the installation. Customer needs to apply the sealer in every six months to a year as the regular maintenance required to avoid any liquids or color stain gets into the granite. The granite surface needs to be cleaned regularly using soap water or cleaning fluids that contains no acid, ammonia or bleach. "Sealer" is a type of common stone care product that is normally available in most of the hardware stores.

Does Panda do cabinet re-facing?

Panda sells and installs brand new cabinets only. Because Panda's all wood cabinets offer very competitive prices, we encourage customer to get a quote from using Panda's cabinets before making decision on doing refacing. There are a lot of customers who have saved around 20% to 30% over the refacing estimates by using Panda's brand new cabinets.