Quality all Wood Cabinets in stock

Panda currently has seven different lines of cabinets. These cabinets are solid maple or birch wood door or face panels, with 3/4" thick plywood frames & shelves and are available in a range of styles and stains. All our cabinets are all stocked in our 35,000 sq ft. warehouse / workshop on West WT Harris Boulevard in Charlotte, NC., fulfillment times are greatly facilitated.

Customer could pick up their cabinets within a couple days after placing the order. Indeed, Panda's in-house installation teams who provide timely, skilled and professional services are a great benefit to busy builders and homeowners alike. If inventory lasts, cabinet order can be installed in two to three weeks.

Cabinet Sizes
and Specifications

Panda's cabinets are directly imported from Panda factory in China in flat packed boxes. Each contains assembly required door hinges and accessories. Door handles or knobs are not included. All our cabinets are designed and built to American kitchen cabinet standard dimensions. Typical base and wall cabinets' dimensional specification options are as follows:

Width: Base or Wall 9", 12", 15", 18", 21", 24", 27", 30", 33", 36", 39", 42".
Height: Kitchen Base 34.5"
Height: Vanity Base 34.5" (regular), or ask for custom sizes.
Height: Wall Cabinet 30", 36", 42". Some at 12", 15", 18", 21", 24", 27".
Height: Pantry & Oven Cabinet 84", 90", 96".
Depth: Kitchen Base 24"
Depth: Vanity Base 21"
Depth: Wall Cabinet 12". Some at 15".

Style And Color Choices

The style of cabinet you choose will give personality and a specific atmosphere to your home. Cabinet style will also affect the cost of your project. The more details the higher your final cost will be. Panda stocks following seven types of cabinets displayed in the showrooms, with fixed style and colors as below.